healthyperformers.com is a site dedicated to promoting the wellbeing of all performing artists.


Founded by performer and Osteopath Jennie Morton, its ethos is to provide specialist health care for performers as well as delivering educational courses on healthy practice to students, professionals, teachers and health care practitioners.

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Paul Roberts

Lead singer of The Stranglers


“Jennie virtually saved my career and certainly a three month tour that I was a week away from embarking on - she is incredibly sensitive to my needs and restored my confidence like no other osteopath or physio I've ever met - and I have been treated all over the world”


the authentic performer

The Authentic Performer


This book draws together the physiological, psychological and socio-cultural aspects of being a performer, and views them in the context of health and wellbeing. Illuminated by interviews with leading performers from many disciplines, the book provides detailed information on the physiological processes behind performing arts-related injuries, giving the reader essential information to better manage their own health. Crucially, it examines the culture of training in the performing arts, issues of perfectionism, and how to balance the vagaries of the creative mind. This book is an ideal companion for all professional and recreational performing artists.


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