Healthy Performers



Osteopathic Treatment


Treatment available for a wide range of musculoskeletal & bio-mechanical issues, as well as respiratory, digestive, nervous, & immune system dysfunction, using traditional Osteopathic Manipulation techniques, Cranial Osteopathy, & neuromuscular re-education.


Specialist treatment for musicians, dancers, singers, actors, circus performers, stunt workers, film & TV crew, including:


  • Injury rehabilitation, injury prevention, & maintenance treatment
  • Manual laryngeal therapy for voice professionals
  • Dance technique adaptation coaching for injury prevention & rehabilitation
  • Musician/ instrument interface sessions for healthy practice
  • Performance coaching for enhanced communication and body language skills


Los Angeles, CA:

Harmony Studios

8440 Santa Monica Blvd

West Hollywood

Los Angeles, CA 90069

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Treatments also available in South Pasadena, CA.

Please email for availability & scheduling at this location.


Also available:

  • Home or workplace visits
  • Online sessions for performers (injury advice, rehabilitation, & performance coaching)
  • On-site treatment for Film & TV productions
  • On-site treatment for theatres & music tours
  • Online or on-site training for health practitioners in Performing Arts Medicine

Further information on scheduling & pricing available on request at





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