Book Launch – “The Authentic Performer: Wearing A Mask & The Effect On Health”


May 2015, Compton Publishing.


Jennie Morton’s new book is now available for purchase online through Amazon, Waterstones, Barnes & Noble and other major online booksellers.


This book is written from the author’s own perspectives as a dancer, musical theatre performer, actress and professional singer from the age of two years old and, latterly, as an Osteopath specializing in the treatment of performing artists. Blending this experience and expertise, Jennie Morton uniquely draws together the physiological, psychological and socio-cultural aspects of being a performer, and views them in the context of health and wellbeing. Illuminated with interviews with leading performers from many disciplines, including Paul Roberts, lead singer of The Stranglers and Stefan Dennis, actor and cast member of Australian television series, Neighbours, the book provides detailed information on the physiological processes behind performing arts related injuries giving the reader the information to better manage their own health. Crucially, the author examines the culture of training in the performing arts and how best to prepare student performers for life in the profession. This issue is particularly pertinent to the author, who posits that the ‘wearing of a mask’ is inherent in many performers and is sometimes seen to be a prerequisite of many performing arts professions.


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