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Performance Coaching LA, NYC & Online


Los Angeles, New York City & other US locations


Jennie Morton will be available for private coaching sessions for all performing artists in LA, NYC, & online via Skype. Jennie uses her unique knowledge of performance technique and in-depth anatomy to ensure your maximise your performance potential whilst minimising your injury risk. Communication is at the heart of all the performing arts and Jennie’s knowledge of the physiology and neurology of body language will ensure that your performance exploits these mechanisms to their best effect in communicating with your audience.


Musical Theatre Performers:
Maximising a healthy voice
Safe integration of dance & voice technique
Audition & performance technique


Optimising anatomy for safe technique
Stabilising the core for maximal expression
Audition & performance technique


Optimising the instrument interface
Safe technique for minimising injury risk
Stabilising the body for maximal musical expression


Singers, Actors & Professional Voice Users:
Maximising a healthy voice
Placement of voice in whole body context for optimal expression
Audition & performance technique


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