Healthy Performers



Dr John Chong

President of the Performing Arts Medicine Association.

“Absolutely Brilliant”


Paul Roberts

Former lead singer of “The Stranglers”.

“Jennie virtually saved my career and certainly a three month tour that I was a week away from embarking on – she is incredibly sensitive to my needs and restored my confidence like no other osteopath or physio I’ve ever met – and I have been treated all over the world”


Svetlana Vassileva

Bass player with “Moby”.

“A few years ago, Jennie helped me with an RSI on my shoulder which was preventing me from doing gigs. I could feel the difference straight away so I am now a Jennie addict! And that’s not all – from her sessions I have learned so much about how to use my body properly whilst having a wonderful magic massage.”


Amelia Barlow

Los Angeles, California

There are no words that express the profound impact this woman has made on my life. I had an extream skiing accident 13 years ago leaving me unable to function for the better part of a decade, then I had to have a very complicated hip condition resulting in replacement rendering me unable to walk for almost 4 years. Along with my body went my immune system and my phycological well being and hope that life would ever be anything other a downward trend into more mind-bending pain. As a previous athlete, and a very rigorously spirited person, I wouldn’t settle for the physical hell I was in and searched endlessly for a solution with every type of therapist imaginable, all the yoga and pilates possible yet nothing helped. I literally prayed on my knees in desperation for help. Then Jennie came into my life. She heard my story and told me that it was going to be ok. No one had ever listened on all levels (mental, neuro-muscular, emotional, immune, endocrine, etc…) and actually had the tools to address each one. Her ability to crack the code on my impossibly complicated whole body conundrum was SERIOUSLY nothing short of miraculous. She can address anything from physical hickup holding you back to extremely complicated multi-system issues while helping to strengthen your fullest integration as a human being. There is no one even close to her caliber I have ever experienced. She has very literally saved my life. Do yourself a very very important favor and visit this body whisperer ASAP!!


Francesca Filpi

Principal of The Wells Ballet Courses with Dancers of The Royal Ballet.

“Negativity is never an option with Jennie around!! However fraught and stressful the lead-up to our courses, from the minute Jennie arrives, we are all infected with her positivity, and even start seeing the funny side….! Her own experience as a performer, combined with her endless knowledge and deep-rooted understanding of how the body should work in harmony with itself and the mind, (an approach not always shared sadly, in the ballet world!), put her in a quite unique position to guide and nurture young professionals towards a long and healthy career. She has an insatiable appetite for getting to the core of technical niggles and nipping things in the bud – before they become big problems with devastating consequences for professional dancers. Her dynamic passion is infectious and has inspired a generation of our students, who are now dancing with the Royal Ballet and professional companies around the world (not to mention the little gems she imparts to the faculty too…!). Every dancer should have a Jennie in their lives!”


Amy Daniels

Student at The Wells Ballet Course with Dancers of The Royal Ballet, Dar Danse 2012

“I would just like to thank you for all the wonderful tips and advice you gave me during the body conditioning sessions at Dar Danse, last week. I learnt some really valuable information about how my body works, that I would not otherwise have learnt. Not only were the classes interesting, I learnt how to do things that you are ususally ‘expected’ to know such as breathing in the correct way or how to stretch in the right way. This information will really help me to work better and probably more safely with my body in my future training. I would really love to return to Dar Danse in the future and very much hope you will be running classes again as they really were amazing.”


Dr Ronan Kavanagh

Performing Arts Medicine, Ireland.

“Jennie ran an amazing workshop on how to assess a musician with their instrument at our Musicians Health conference this year and it was one of the highlights of the meeting. Jennie combines her clinical experience, communication skills and talents as a performer to make her a convincing, engaging and entertaining presenter. We’d love to have her back.”


Abby Hoffman

Dance Educator, Lecturer, Founder of Embodied Dancer Yoga Teacher Training

“Jennie is quite simply unique in her skill-set. Combining an encyclopaedic and indepth knowledge of the body (and in particular of dancers/performers needs), her osteopathic skills in diagnosis and treatment are exemplary. Additionally, she is a warm and charismatic lecturer, making her subject come alive, and captivating students in the process. I am really grateful to have secured her to lecture on my Embodied Dancer programme, and I recommend her whole-heartedly”