21 Day Fix Reviews: Are the Results Legit?

Are you tired of trying diets that go nowhere? Whether you're attempting a body transformation or trying to lose a few pounds before the start of the holiday season,

21 Day Fix could be the diet solution you're looking for in your life. In our 21 Day Fix reviews, we'll unpack the offering from this lifestyle brand.

We found the 21 Day Fix to be both a versatile and result-driven diet 

21 day fix reviews


  • Break bad eating and exercise habits
  • Make sustainable food choices
  • Build a new healthy lifestyle
  • Emphasis on eating fiber and whole foods
  • Assists with managing portion control
  • Exercise plan included


  • May severely restrict calories for rapid weight loss
  • Focus on short-term weight loss


21 Day Fix offers you a way to break the chains of bad eating and exercise that hold back your ideal you. You get a quality guarantee you're going to lose body fat and increase your confidence levels in three weeks. Many users claim they have such a positive experience they continue with the plan year-round.

The 21 Day Fix offers you a way to build new eating habits, teaching you a sustainable dieting method. During the three weeks, you'll learn to make smarter food choices and track your calories.

Our 21 Day Fix reviews unbiased before-and-after photos, and we think it can revolutionize your weight loss, even if you haven't had results with past diet programs. Give it a try and see the results for yourself!

21 Day Fix Reviews – What Is It?

The 21 Day fix is a diet program offered by the successful Beachbody on Demand fitness brand. The 21 Day Fix is a three-week diet and exercise experience aimed a people with no previous dieting experience and low fitness levels.

The 21 Day fix is one of Beachbody's best-selling programs, and the site has some impressive user reviews and before-and-after pictures on a dedicated reviews page. The 21 Day Fix promises users that they'll lose an average of 15lbs over the three-week program, with results varying depending on your starting point.

The program comes with a workout guide and a nutrition plan, giving you everything you need to succeed with your weight loss. When you sign up with Beachbody for the 21 Day Fix meal plan, you get the following included with your package.

•             2 workout DVD's featuring six beginner-level workouts

•             A three-week portion control system featuring color-coded containers

•             The 21 Day Fix nutrition plan

•             The 21 Day Fix quick start guide

•             The "3-Day Quick-Fix" guide, showing you how to optimize the last three days on your diet for incredible before and after pictures.

•             24/7 online customer support during your 21 Day Fix

After receiving your 21 Day Fix starter kit, you can begin the diet. It's vital that you spend time reading through the start guide and the nutrition plan to understand why you're eating what you're eating during the diet.

The 21 Day fix nutrition plan comes with step-by-step directions for calculating your daily calories. The color-coded containers allow you to allocate them to different food groups to control your meal plans better.

The 21 Day fix gives you a list of approved foods to add to your diet and an exercise plan to help you get your metabolism moving.

21 Day Fix Reviews – How Do I Start?

You can start right away by visiting the Beachbody official website. Navigate the top ribbon to the 21 Day Fix, and you'll have options to create an account, make your payment, and start with the diet and exercise plan.

21 Day Fix Reviews – Pricing

When it comes to pricing, we were skeptical about what Beachbody would offer. Part of us was expecting an up-sell, telling us we needed to buy the Beachbody Shakeology range to make the diet work. We were pleasantly surprised to see that Shakeology is not a necessary part of the diet plan – even if they promote it heavily during the course.

The 21 Day Fix kit costs you $60 on the official company website. You have options for paying with credit or debit card, and the company also accepts PayPal payments. If you want to add the Shakeology products to your 21 Day Kit, you can expect to pay up to $129.99.

21 Day Fix Reviews – Pricing

Does 21 Day Fix really work? 

Yes! The Beachbody site has a dedicatee page to results from users of this diet plan. All results are from verified users, and some of them are absolutely outstanding.

How much weight can you lose on 21 Day Fix?

The results on the site speak for themselves. According to 21 Day Fix reviews for obese people, Jennifer H spent a year with the 21 Day Fix system and lost an incredible 110lbs! On average, people seem to lose around 15lbs in three weeks sticking to the plan. There are limited 21 Day Fix results without meal plan reviews available on the site.

Which is better 21 Day Fix or 21 Day Extreme?

The two plans are for different experience levels. If you're a beginner, the 21 Day Fix is all you need to rapidly lose body fat. The 21 Day Extreme program is for athletes and fitness enthusiasts that need to shed those few extra pounds. The 21 Day Fix Extreme features plyo moves included in your training, as well as additional meal plan options.

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