Cronometer vs MyFitnessPal: Expert Verdict

Do you want to start eating properly? If you don't know your macronutrients from your calories, the thought of going on a diet might seem intimidating. What if there was an easy way to track the energy content of your food?

In this review, we'll look at Cronometer Vs MyFitnessPal to find the best app for a sustainable weight loss diet and a healthy lifestyle.

It's a close call, but Cronometer is the winner...

cronometer reviews

Cronometer gets the nod for our choice of the best food app online. You get a comprehensive database of foods and easy tracking of your macros and calories. MyFitnessPal is a good app, but we find it more of a sports-affiliated app designed for athletes.


  • Sustainable diet choices
  • Easy food references
  • Pro version available
  • Create custom foods and recipes
  • Log your diet biometrics and take notes
  • Built-in support


  • Not sports specific


Cronometer is a great calorie and macronutrient tracking tool for everyday people trying to make sustainable diet choices. If you're trying to make the right food choices, we recommend going with Cronometer over MyFitnessPal.

Cronometer Vs MyFitnessPal: What Do They Cost?

How much does Cronometer Cost? 

Cronometer offers you a free version that's functional and useful for tracking your calories and macros. However, if you want to unlock the app's full power, you'll need to upgrade to Cronometer Gold. The Gold version costs $5.99 per month, or you can pay upfront for a year and get a discount.

When you upgrade, you get additional features, including priority support, linked accounts, and advanced analysis and trends. Cronometer also runs a Professional version, retailing for $24.99 per month.

How much does MyFitnessPal cost?

When it comes to the premium version, MyFitnessPal is the more expensive option of the two. It's challenging to justify the extra money for the premium version unless you're a fitness enthusiast.

MyFitnessPal Premium charges $9.99 per month for access to the platform, and you get a one-month free trial. The free version of the app is essential, just a calorie counter, with limited functionality. To get the most out of the app, you'll have to go with the Premium version.

MyFitnessPal Pros and Cons

MyFitnessPal Pros

  • Personalized training and diet goals
  • Integrates with other fitness and health apps
  • Tracks calories and macros
  • Custom meal plans and recipes.

MyFitnessPal Cons

  • Ads included in free version
  • To get the full experience, you need to upgrade
  • The free version lacks features
  • Not the best choice for people that aren't fitness enthusiasts
  • Expensive compared to Cronometer

Is there a professional version of the Cronometer app?

Yes, Cronometer has a pro version of the app available for health professionals like dieticians, wellness coaches, and doctors.

What are the top five foods eaten by users on the Cronometer app?

The top five foods on the Cronometer app are the following.

  • Bananas, raw
  • Apples, raw with skin
  • Beverages, drinking, water, tap
  • Tomatoes, red, raw, ripe
  • Carrots, raw

Where can I get the Cronometer app?

The Cronometer app is available at the Google Play and Apple App Stores.

Cronometer vs MyMacros

MyMacros+ doesn't offer the same level of functionality as Cronometer on the free version. The Pro platform is more comprehensive and costs $19.99 for an annual subscription., We feel you don't get the same function out of the macros counter.

Cronometer vs MyNetDiary

MyNetDiary is another popular dieting app focusing on weight loss through food management. However, after reading through reviews, it seems users don't find it as accurate as Cronometer.

Cronometer vs Carb Manager

Carb Manager is a fantastic dieting app. However, we feel it's more geared to weight loss than everyday lifestyle changes.

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