Does Noom Send You Food? Taste and Options Analyzed

Are you looking for a new diet app? Why not download Noom and give it a try? In this review, we'll look at Noom and answer questions like, what is the Noom app? And does Noom send you food?

We give you everything you need to know to start with this app today.

We recommend Noom...

noom vs lose it


  • Custom diet plans
  • Add any foods you like
  • Learn sustainable eating habits
  • The AI controls your portions
  • Get in-app motivation
  • Join the #Noomily community


  • The monthly subscription is expensive
  • No personal trainer
  • No guaranteed results


According to before-and-after Noom diet plan reviews – it works. People that commit to the diet and make the necessary lifestyle changes lose an average of 18-lbs in 16-weeks of implementing the diet plan.

If you're looking to avoid fad diets and implement lasting change in your life, the Noom app is a solid choice.

What Is the Noom Diet App?

The Noom diet app is a revolutionary tool for helping you learn sustainable eating habits. If you're trying to lose weight, then you need an actionable diet you can enjoy eating.

With Noom, you get access to all your favorite foods and onboard accountability for what you decide to eat.

How Does the Noom Diet App Work?

The Noom app works by assessing your dietary needs using its custom AI algorithm. The algorithm asks you a series of questions when signing up for the platform.

It uses your inputs to create a custom diet plan from the Noom food list to suit your calorie requirements for the day.

If you decide you want to eat something that's off your plan, you can add it to your diet, and the AI incorporates it into your schedule.

What are the Subscription Costs for the Noom Diet App?

If you feel like giving the Noom diet app a try, download it for free from the Apple App and Google Play Stores. Noom gives you a commentary free trial of the platform for seven days. After the trial ends, you have the option of carrying on with a subscription plan.

The monthly subscription to Noom costs you $59. That's a bit expensive for a dieting app, with many other options offering a more affordable solution.

 However, if you commit to an annual subscription, the cost drops to $199 for the year. That's a lot more affordable and a great price for the app's services

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Noom give you a meal plan?

Yes, Noom offers you custom meal plans designed around the foods you like to eat. If you want to change things up, you can add custom foods to your diet plan, and Noom integrates them into your diet.

Is Noom a meal delivery service?

No, Noom is not a food delivery service like Blue Apron. You'll need to do grocery shopping and meal prep yourself using this app.

What do you eat on Noom?

With Noom, you eat any foods you want. You can build custom meal plans that suit your taste. Noom calculates your portions, allowing you to stay within your calorie limits for the day.

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