Does Noom Work With Apple Watch? Expert Answer

Are you looking for the best dieting app that integrates with Apple Watch? In this review, we look at the Noom app, and it's compatible with the Apple wearable.

Does Noom Work with Apple Watch?

Yes, it turns out Noom does work with the Apple Watch. The company worked with a team of engineers to ensure you get compatibility with one of the world's leading wearable devices.

Yes, use your Apple Watch with Noom's Health App Integration.  

You can sync Noom with the Health App that is connected to your Apple Watch.  

We recommend Noom given that it's a all-in-one weight loss program that measures your weight and dietary habits to lead to a better lifestyle!

Noom and Apple Watch – A Health Partnership for the Future

The Noom Apple Watch partnership comes from a team of talented engineers and designers. The team looked at ways to adapt the most significant parts of the Noom app to a smaller, wearable design.

What are the Unique Highlights of Noom on the Apple Watch?

Color Breakdowns

The team kept the unique color breakdowns for foods that are a hallmark of the app's functionality. You get to analyze all of your food choices by calorie density, with red being the most calorie-dense foods.

This color tool opens in the "Glance" feature of the app, allowing you to see how you're eating for the day.

The Noom Groups Feature

The design and development team for Noom for Apple Watch included the "Noom Groups" feature for the Apple Watch.

This group supports users during the day, allowing them to check on other users' status in the community. You can engage and react with virtual high-fives, hugs, or an acknowledging glance.

Select from a set of pre-configured messages, ranging from feelings of low self-esteem to excitement and delight. Add your emotions to your group with a tap of your watch, and chat in real-time with your community.

What Does Noom Cost to Download?

Noom is free to download to your Apple devices. You get a free 7-day trial of the platform to test out the components.

If you decide that Noom is the right app for you, you can sign up for a subscription. The monthly subscription price is $59, but you can get great savings if you take an annual package at $199.

Is Noom Worth It?

Yes, we think Noom is worth it. It's a bit expensive monthly, but the annual subscription is excellent value at $199 for 12-months.

Noom takes a different approach to dieting. Instead of forcing you into a diet plan, it works with the foods you enjoy, allowing you to build custom meal plans.

Noom gives you all the tools you need to track your diet and achieve success with your weight loss. With Noom, you know that weight loss is sustainable and consistent.

There's no rebound effect and no cravings because you're forcing yourself to avoid that bowl of ice-cream.

Noom offers you a way to change your lifestyle and build sustainable lifestyle habits that improve your health; we give it top marks.

What apps does Noom sync with?

Noom syncs with the following fitness apps, allowing you to integrate your workout data and meal plans on your smartphone or tablet.

  • Fitbit
  • Garmin
  • iHealth
  • MisFit
  • Omron
  • Runkeeper
  • Qardio
  • Polar

Does Noom sync between iPhone and iPad?

Unfortunately, you can only sync Noom data on one device.

Noom is a great diet tracking option that syncs with the Apple Watch

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