FYT Duo Reviews: Is this the Ultimate Online Personal Training Solution?

Are you feeling the urge to get in the gym and start working out? One of the biggest issues beginners face is not knowing how to structure exercises or use the correct form.

It would help if you had guidance to walk you through the basics. Sure, you could try and figure it out yourself using YouTube videos or information guides on blogs, buts let's be real here – how motivated are you to do that?

In our FYT Duo reviews, we'll look at the best personal training solution to meet your workout and budget requirements.

FYT Duo Reviews – Pros and Cons



  • NCCA accredited trainers.
  • On-demand workouts
  • Custom workout plans
  • Biometric performance tracking
  • Integrates with leading fitness tracker
  • Unlimited access to a personal trainer

  • Daily motivation and accountability to your coach

  • Individualized custom audio and video coaching

  • An excellent affiliate program


  • No nutritional program included
  • No face-to-face with your coach

What Fyt Duo?

Chances are you need someone to be around to push you to workout. Personal trainers are the best solution for beginners. You get access to a professional that shows you the ropes around the gym. They teach your exercises form and how to structure your workouts.

After a few weeks or months with a personal trainer, you start experimenting with training elements yourself. Eventually, you'll get proficient in exercises and workout planning.

However, the Issue with hiring personal trainers – is the cost. Hiring a trainer a few times a week for three months can cost you thousands of dollars. Chances are, you're looking for a more affordable alternative.

Fortunately, FYT Duo offers beginners a personal training experience at a fraction of the cost. FYT Duo is an on-demand platform, providing you with access to a community of personal trainers specializing in various exercise disciplines, from CrossFit to Yoga or Barre.

Browse the team of trainers, and choose one that matches your training style. You get access to your trainer from within the app at any time.

Your trainer takes care of structuring your workout, giving your personalized instruction on your form and progress. There are convenient tracking tools in the app to help you monitor your progress to your goals.

With FYT Duo, you get an end-to-end training solution for fitness. The platform has trainers for all types of exercise, and your coach gives you daily motivation to keep your training going.

When you sign up for personal training, you're working around the trainer's schedule most of the time. However, with FYT Duo, you get an on-demand platform, allowing you to workout at your convenience. There's no throwing money away on missed training sessions because your boss asked you to work late.

With FYT Duo, you workout on your time, not anyone else's.

FYT Duo Reviews – How Do I Start?

Starting with FYT Duo is easy. Visit the Google Play or Apple App Stores, and download the iOS or Android version of the app to your smart device. Open the app, and you'll get access to your dashboard when you complete an onboarding interview.

In the interview, you enter your training goals and personal information. The AI-driven system uses machine learning to match your quiz answers to a list of the best trainers to suit your goals. You read through the bios of prospective trainers, selecting the person you feel is a good fit.

Reach out to them within the app for your introductory session, and check out your custom workout plans on the app.

How much does Fyt Duo cost?

The best part about FYT Duo is the pricing. They offer a risk-free trial of the platform for two weeks. After your 14-day trial ends, you have the option n of continuing or walking away with no obligation.

However, FYT Duo is so confident you'll enjoy your training experience, they expect you to sign up after the trial period ends.

If you decide to join, you can take an annual subscription to FYT Duo for $129.99 per year. At that rate, it's less than $5 a day. That's about the cost of a coffee and heaps less than the cost of hiring a trainer.

FYT Duo also offers an affiliate program. If you sign up, you can make money when your friends and work colleagues ask you how you got in shape so fast. Some of the highlights of the affiliate offer include the following.

  • Commission Rates: $40 CPA
  • Cookie for 90 days
  • Promotions and Offers Available
  • Access to the award-winning affiliate management team from Acceleration Partners, with a dedication to your success
  • Newsletters featuring updates on contests, promotions, and income opportunities

FYT Duo Reviews – The Verdict

FYT Duo makes it easy to find a personal trainer online. You get a comprehensive resource of training professionals ready to help you achieve your training goals.

FYT Duo gives you the support you need to persist through the challenges that arise in your training. It offers an affordable alternative to personal trainers, giving you access to professional advice for a fraction of the price.

We recommend FYT Duo for any newcomers looking to get fit in 2021. This app provides a level of personalized attention that exceeds the app's purchase price, giving you outstanding valu


Does FYT Duo work? 

Yes, FYT Duo has an excellent social presence on Instagram and Facebook, with plenty of customer engagement. The reviews on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store are excellent, with both apps receiving plenty of 5-Star reviews.

How can I find a personal trainer online?  

The easiest way to find a personal trainer online is to sign up for FYT right now. You get access to a selection of trainers, with biographies. All of them specialize in a field, and they all have NCAA accreditation. Choose the trainer that matches your training style and goals – and start your journey towards your training goals today!

How do personal trainers advertise?

Traditionally, personal trainers advertise through a gym, social media, or other locally-based media outlets. The personal trainers on FYT don't need to advertise; the platform brings you to them.

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