Lifesum vs MyFitnessPal: In Depth Comparison

Are you looking to lose weight and get healthy? If 2020 is teaching us anything, it’s that we need to take better care of our health. Do you know what you’re eating? By cleaning up your diet, you can lose weight and remove the risk of an unexpected health event.

In this article, we’ll review two of the leading food tracking apps – Lifesum Vs MyFitnessPal. Our MyFitnessPal and Lifesum review will help you make the right decision on the best food app for your phone and your lifestyle.

It's a close call, but Lifesum is the winner...

limesum vs myfitnesspal

Lifesum and MyFitnessPal are two entirely different apps focusing on different markets. Lifesum is the better choice for sustainable living, while MyFitnessPal is the better option for athletes and fitness professionals. The data-forward interface of the app makes it easy to check your calories and macros.

Lifesum might be missing the daily quizzes and community support you get with MyFitnessPal – but do you really need it?


  • Create customizable meal plans with plenty of options
  • Good support for dietary restrictions
  • User-friendly interface
  • Extensive food database
  • Affordable


  • Nutritional information only included with the premium plan

Noom Free Trial - Reader Special

Noom is one of the most popular Lifesum alternatives, with its app focused on helping its users make behavioral changes that bring weight loss results.  Noom uses AI and personalized recommendations to help you improve your diet.  

LifeSum vs MyFitnessPal: How Do They Work?

LifeSum Review

Lifesum is a calorie counting app with a clean, user-friendly interface. The app focuses on giving you all the information you need surrounding the foods you eat. You get easy access to your total calories, protein, carbs, and fat intake for the day.

Lifesum is not a fancy app offering you tips and quizzes for dieting. It provides you with the basics you need to create a sustainable diet. You get options for creating custom diet plans and foods and recommendations on how much to eat at each meal.

The dashboard features a smiley face that lights up when you eat the right calorie and macronutrient content with your meals. If you overeat or undereat, the smiley face turns sad or neutral. It’s a good tool if you eat more in the evenings, teaching you to balance your food intake throughout the day.

Lifesum also comes with a water-tracking feature, ensuring you stay hydrated throughout the day. You have options for logging your food intake and activity levels, with more options than Noom but fewer than MyFitnessPal.

This app is for people that are trying o make sustainable changes to their lifestyle and diet. If you’re looking for a dedicated app for sportspeople or fitness enthusiasts, you’re better off going with MyFitnessPal.

MyFitnessPal Review

This app is the ideal choice for fitness enthusiasts. You get all the same functions as Lifesum, but without the feature that caters to special dietary needs. Still, MyFitnessPal comes with daily quizzes and tips to keep you on track with your diet.

The free version is a bit light on functionality. To get the most out of the app, you’re going to need to take a subscription.

LifeSum vs MyFitnessPal: What’s the Difference?

The key difference between MyFitnessPal and Lifesum is its target audience. If you’re a fitness enthusiast looking to improve your diet and training, MyFitnessPal is the better choice. It has everything you need to track your diet and exercise.

In case you are looking are open to looking at other new weight loss options such as Noom, check out our Noom vs MyFitnessPal review as well. 

However, if you’re focusing on sustainable living and lifestyle more than fitness, you don’t need the extra clutter and higher price tag that comes with MyFitnessPal. Lifesum has everything you need to make subtle changes to your diet that bring fantastic results.

LifeSum vs MyFitnessPal – What Do They Cost?

Lifesum offers you options for three-month, six-month, and annual subscriptions. You also get the option of a discount when paying upfront for your membership.

  • $21.99/$14.99 for 3-months
  • $30/$20.99 for 6-months
  • $45/$30.99 for one year

Lifesum doesn’t offer a monthly subscription fee for American users. However, some markets can access Lifesum for a monthly cost of $7.50.

MyFitnessPal offers a free version of the app. However, the free version is somewhat basic, and you’ll need to upgrade to get the full MyFitnessPal experience. A monthly subscription to the app costs $9.99, or $59.99 for the year if you pay upfront.

Are Noom reviews better than LifeSum?

Noom is a fantastic lifestyle tracking app. However, it’s an expensive product, and we feel you get the same value out of Lifesum for a better price.

Is Lifesum worth the money?

The free version is a great choice for monitoring your calories. However, you’ll get more value out of the app by upgrading to premium.

Is Lifesum Premium worth it?

Yes, Lifesum Premium is worth the money if you’re serious about tracking your calories. You get nutritional information included with the premium version.

Lifesum vs Lose It! – Which is better?

Lifesum is a better app for tracking calories accurately. User reviews on Lose It! Suggest the app isn’t accurate.

Noom Free Trial - Reader Special

Noom is one of the most popular Lifesum alternatives, with its app focused on helping its users make behavioral changes that bring weight loss results.  Noom uses AI and personalized recommendations to help you improve your diet.  

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