Noom Diet Plan Example: What is It?

Losing weight is challenging. Most people that start a diet end up failing and hating themselves for it. What if there was a sustainable way to lose weight?

This post looks at the Noom diet app. We’ll talk about how the app works and the Noom diet plan examples you can expect when signing up for the app.

We recommend Noom...

noom vs lose it


  • Affordable annual subscription
  • Custom meal plans tailored to your nutritional needs
  • User-friendly interface
  • In-app accountability and motivation
  • The Noomily community provides support


  • No workout plan included
  • Limited free trial
  • The monthly subscription fee is expensive
  • No personal trainer


Noom is an excellent health and wellness app. Designed by real nutritionists and behavioral psychologists, Noom helps you implement a sustainable lifestyle change.

Noom is not a fad diet or a scam; it’s a chance to use the power of technology to change your mindset around food and your life.

We think Noom is an awesome app and well worth the investment of $199 per year.

What is Noom and a Diet Plan Example

Noom is a lifestyle adjustment app available for your mobile device. Noom doesn’t focus on weight loss like many other dieting apps.,

Instead, Noom tries to teach your better eating habit, changing your lifestyle and mindset around food. When you eat right and use portion control, you’ll see weight loss as a natural byproduct of the Noom diet.

The Noom app comes with a user-friendly interface. You can use the Noom color calculator to check on the nutritional value of any foods you want to add to your diet.

As a Noom diet example, start your day with a Noom breakfast. You’ll eat a poached egg, half-a-cup of spinach, two strawberries, and four blackberries. Add four flapjacks, and you have all the nutrition you need to get through to lunch.

Noom Diet Reviews: How Do I Sign Up with Noom?

Signing up with Noom is easy. Visit the App Store for your device, and download the iOS or Android version to your phone. Sign up and take the introductory quiz.

The Noom AI calculates your nutritional needs based on the inputs you give it in the assessment interview.

How Much Does Noom Cost?

You can visit the Apple App Store or Google Play store and download the Noom app for free right now. Set up an account and start a free 7-day trial. If you decide you like the app, sign up for a subscription.

It’s expensive if you take a monthly subscription at $59. However, the annual subscription is only $199 for the year, and we think that’s excellent value. If you feel the free trial adds value to your lifestyle, commit to yourself, and take an annual subscription package.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a typical Noom plan?

A typical Noom diet plan involves healthy sources of carbs, fats, and protein. You’ll eat balanced meals regularly throughout the day to improve your health.

Do you get a meal plan with Noom?

Yes, the Noom AI builds you a custom meal plan developed around your nutritional needs.

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