Noom Diet Plan Reviews: Our Verdict

Are you sick and tired of always feeling sick and tired? What you're eating could be the reason for your ill-health right now. If you're trying to lose a few pounds and get healthy, it's time to go on a diet.

However, the issue with diets is that they're hard to commit to, and most of us end up slipping. Eating boiled chicken breast and rice four times a day isn't dieting – it's torture.

It would help if you had a sustainable way to lose weight. Our Noom diet plan reviews look at the services available from this app.

We recommend Noom as one of the top rated diet plans

noom vs lose it

Noom wins over its competitors given the personalized recommendations and extremely easy user interface   


  • Extremely customizable with expert recommendations
  • Goal setting and targets helps users achieve their goals
  • Offers coaching as well
  • Extensive food options
  • Very accurate recommendation engine
  • Mobile app friendly


  • A monthly membership cost (relatively affordable compared to other options) 


Noom is the best diet app on the market. Noom takes a 30,000-foot view of your current health status, showing you where you need to make improvements by adjusting your diet and lifestyle. Noom realizes that every diet works – for about two weeks.

However, Noom is not a diet plan; it's a tool to train yourself into a sustainable lifestyle where you don't over-consume calories. The Noom subscription is a worthy investment of your time and money, provided you take action every day to change your habits. Noom makes it that much easier to reach your lifestyle, diet, and health goals.

Noom Diet Plan Reviews: How Does It Work?

According to a Nature Magazine study, 77.9% of Noom users report a decrease in body weight while using the app. That's promising results for anyone looking to lose a few pounds.

When signing up for the app, the screen [prompts you to enter your information, including your height, weight, and goals. After completing your quiz, the system works out your diet schedule, giving you an end date for achieving your goal weight.

Noom sets up your daily calorie goal and connects you with the Noom community and a personal Noom coach. That's right; you get access to a personal nutritionist to help guide you through your transition to a healthy lifestyle.

Noom not only uses a calorie counting mechanism in the app, but it also rates the foods you eat based on their nutrient value. Calorie-dense foods display in red, while light-calorie foods are in green. Noom teaches you that you can eat red foods, providing you manage your intake to meet your daily calorie goal.

A 2019 analysis shows that the Noom food list is the most extensive food database online, in any app. As a result, you get accurate tracking of the calorie value in all your meals.

Noom Diet Plan Reviews: What Does Noom Cost?

If you think Noom could offer you value in your life, it's time to sign up for the platform and start your quest for a better you. Noom offers you a free 2-week introductory trial of the app, and it charges a monthly fee of $59.

However, if you take a 6-month plan, the cost drops to $150, or $25 per month, payable upfront. You have the option of taking a 1-year subscription with an upfront payment of $199. While Noom might be one of the more expensive weight loss and lifestyle adjustment apps on the market, it comes with plenty of functionality.

Is Noom better than other weight loss apps?

Noom is actually not a weight loss app – that's just one of the benefits of using it. Noom focuses on improving your health through the food you eat. The app aims to help people dealing with chronic health issues like hypertension and diabetes. It shows them how the food they eat influences their lifestyle and health.

Is Noom better than keto?

With Noom, there is no fixing "diet plan" or style of dieting. You eat what you want, and the app tells you the energy content of the food. When you realize the calories in the foods you're eating, it helps you make more sustainable choices.

Noom vs Weight Watchers: Which is the better diet plan?

Noom is all about changing your lifestyle habits. The app focuses on making subtle lifestyle changes that help you bring your weight under control.

Weight Watchers (WW) allocates points to your diet plan each day. When you're points expire, so does your food intake for the day.

WW is more restrictive than Noom, forcing you to comply with guidelines. With Noom, you change your dietary habits slowly to meet a new, sustainable eating plan that suits your needs and tastes.

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