Noom Reviews [Does It Really Work?]

Are you looking to get in shape for the new year? If you’re having a hard time losing a few pounds, why not give a weight loss app a try?

In this post, we’ll review Noom, a popular lifestyle adjustment app. Is this nutrition app the real deal, or is Noom a scam?

We recommend Noom...

noom vs lose it


  • Custom eating plans
  • Learn sustainable food choices
  • Integrates with devices like Apple Watch and Fitbit
  • 4.4-star rating on Trustpilot with over 32,000 reviews
  • User-friendly app interface
  • Noomily community available for support


  • Calories are a bit low
  • No meal delivery service
  • No personal training
  • No exercise program


No, Noom isn’t a scan. It’s a weight loss app designed to introduce healthy eating habits into your life. Your weight loss is merely a byproduct of the lifestyle changes you make.

Some users might expect a guarantee of a radical body transformation. The reality is that Noon makes the suggestions, but if you don’t follow them, you won’t experience results.

We recommend Noom as a top-quality app to learn sustainable eating habits. This custom diet plan comes based on your needs and can change your body and life.

Noom Overall Review

Noom is a dedicated lifestyle app available for Android and iOS devices. With Noom, you have the opportunity to teach yourself how to eat a sustainable, healthy diet. If you’re carrying excess weight, it’s time to diet it off with Noom.

The Noom app asks you a series of questions when signing up for the service. The app takes information for three areas of your life, using it to build a custom meal plan.

You’ll have to do all the shopping and meal prep yourself, but you know you’re getting gourmet meals bursting with nutrition.

Is Noom a Scam?

No, Noom isn’t a scam. We can understand how some people might feel this way, especially if they don’t get the results they expect. The truth is, the Noom app is a tool, and it’s up to you to do the work.

The App does a good job of giving you all the tools you need to succeed. However, it’s up to you to execute the actions every day. If you break your diet or eat off your plan, that’s going to affect your results.

Does Noom Cost A Lot?

Starting with Noom is free; you download the app and get a free 7-day trial of the software. If you like it, you’ll need to pay a subscription fee of $59 per month.

That might seem a bit steep for the service. However, if you commit to your transformation and pay for a year upfront, you get access to the Noom app for an annual subscription cost of $199.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I Download the Noom app?

You can download the official Noom app from the Google Play or Apple App store today.

Is Noom compatible with Apple Watch?

Yes, Noom syncs with your Apple Watch device.

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