Noom vs Keto: What’s the Expert Verdict?

Are you looking for the secret to weight loss? Chances are someone’s told you about the ketogenic diet and how it can help you lose body fat at a rapid rate. However, is it the ultimate diet? Is there any other way to lose weight?

In this review, we’ll unpack everything you need to know about Noom vs Keto. Noom is a popular lifestyle management app that helps you steadily lose the extra pounds without going to dieting extremes. Can an app really help you lose weight, or do you need to go on a keto diet? Let’s find out.

It's a close call, but Noom is the winner...

noom vs lose it

Read our in-depth review below on the key differences between Noom and the Keto diet.  


  • Customized diet plans to suit your favorite foods
  • Accurate calorie tracking
  • Community support
  • Personal coaching
  • Make sustainable lifestyle changes


  • Not diet specific


If you’re looking to lose weight and have no idea what you’re doing with your diet, go with Noom. Noom offers you the best platform to learn about the nutrient value of the food your eating.

Noom gives you customized diet plans, community support, and personal coaching, all through the app. Try a Noom low carb diet that’s similar to keto, and manage everything through the dashboard.

Noom vs Keto: What's the Difference?

Noom Review

The Noom app is available for download from the Google Play and Apple App Stores. After installing it on your device, you take a brief introduction quiz. After analyzing your quiz answers, Noom creates a custom diet plan to meet your needs.

Noom calculates and tracks the calories in your meals, allowing you to figure out the nutrition value of food. As you learn which foods are calorie-dense, you start making better food choices.

Noom is more of a lifestyle adjustment app than a dieting app. With Noom, you can keep eating the same foods you enjoy, but you understand when to call it a day. As a result, you don’t have to make drastic changes in your diet as you do with keto.

You get a sustainable weight loss program that delivers results while teaching you about nutrition and how it affects your body. The Noom app and Noom recipes allow you to create custom food profiles, meaning that you can still keep eating your favorite foods.

Keto Review

The Ketogenic diet involves eating a diet consisting of 90% fat, 10% protein, and no carbs. After a few days, your body runs out of glucose and flips a switch in your liver, telling it to metabolize fat stores for energy in an effort to fuel the body’s energy requirements.

Keto essentially uses your fat stores for energy, and as long as you remain in a caloric deficit, you’ll lose weight at a rapid rate. However, it’s challenging to manage the diet, especially if you have no experience in tracking macros and calories.

It’s easy to make a mistake, throwing the body out of keto, without you realizing it. However, if you were to use the Noom app to manage your food intake, you’ll get accurate tracking of your calories and macros. As a result, there’s a better chance of you seeing the results you want out of your diet.

The Ketogenic diet is not for beginners, requiring an advanced approach to the dieting strategy. Many newbies find they experience problems with including so much fat in their diet. Most people running the diet for the first time require professional assistance from a nutritionist when structuring their meals.

With Noom, you can create keto-friendly meals and track your calories and macros with professional precision.

Noom vs Keto: What are the Costs?

According to Noom reviews, you can start with the app for a monthly subscription fee of $59. However, if you take year upfront, you get a discount, with a total subscription cost of $199, or less than $17 per month.

Keto pros and cons


  • Fast and effective weight loss for overweight and obese individuals


  • The diet does not agree with everyone
  • Some people may experience gastrointestinal distress
  • It’s challenging to tell if you come out of ketosis

Frequently Asked Questions

Noom vs Weight Watchers

Weight Watchers is a fantastic weight loss program used by millions of people worldwide, with great success.

With Weight Watchers, you get allocated points to your calorie intake each day. Once you reach your calorie threshold, you stop eating. However, with Weight Watchers, you have to pay for personal coaching, while Noom includes it as part of your plan.

Noom vs GOLO

The GOLO is another specialist weight loss program aimed at people with diabetes. The diet’s structure revolves around timing your insulin release through effective management of your carb intake.  If you are interested in a more detailed comparison, check out our Noom vs Golo review.  

Noom is a more comprehensive solution, teaching you about the nutrient value of food. While GOLO is effective, it’s more of a specialist diet for people that are already unhealthy and dealing with the onset of chronic disease.  

Can I do Keto with Noom?

Yes, Noom caters to any food choices. If you feel you want to try the keto diet, then input your foods into Noom, and it does the calculations on your macros and calories for you.

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