Noom Weight Loss Reviews: Can this App Boost Your Weight Loss Results?

Noom is a cutting-edge diet app available for your smartphone. Do you have trouble staying on a diet? Download Noom for a different dieting experience.

According to Noom weight loss reviews, the average person loses 9-lbs in just 16-weeks using the Noom app. If it works for them, could it work for you? We think it can.

noom vs lose it

We recommend Noom 


  • Learn how to eat better
  • A comprehensive foods library
  • Color-coded eating choices
  • Barcode scanner for eating off-plan
  • Create custom foods lists
  • Integrate your workout data from Fitbit or Apple Watch
  • Enter inputs like blood pressure and blood sugar
  • Get guidance from 1-on-1 consulting


  • Expensive monthly subscription
  • No exercise plan included
  • You have to pay for a year upfront to get the discounted price

Noom Weight Loss Reviews – What Exactly is the Noom Diet?

The Noom diet isn't actually a diet – it's a lifestyle change. If you're tired of using fad diets that go nowhere, Noom could be the answer you need.

Instead of restricting your diet, like many other dieting apps, Noom works with the foods you enjoy. It shows you the calorie content of your food using a color-coded system.

Noom helps you understand what parts of your diet lead to weight gain. By re-educating you about your diet, Noom helps to guide you into making smarter food choices.

The Noom app is available for download for Android and iOS devices.

Noom Weight Loss Reviews – How Can the Noom App Help My Diet?

Open the app on your phone, and create an account. After creating your account, the AI asks you a series of questions designed to get to know your body and your eating habits.

After completing the quiz, the AI builds you a set of custom food recommendations and meal plans. You follow your meal plan, and you have the option of swapping out foods for others you prefer.

The handy barcode scanner also lets you include foods that you eat off-plan. There's a huge foods library, and Noom makes dietary recommendations to you based on a color-coded system.

The red foods are calorie-dense, while the green foods are low in calories and healthy. By showing you the energy content in your food, Noom hopes you start including more "green" foods in your diet.

Noom Weight Loss Reviews – How Does Noom Compare to Other Weight Loss Apps?

If we look at Noom vs. Weight Watchers, another popular weight loss app, Weight watchers are in a similar price range. However, the WW app's extra coaching is expensive and less affordable than what you get with Noom.

Noom also has a larger food database. With Noom, the app tries to get you to make healthier food choices, while Weight Watchers just help you watch the calories in the existing foods you eat.

Therefore, Noom provides a sustainable lifestyle change, while Weight Watchers helps you control what you're already doing. If you're eating unhealthily and want to change your lifestyle, Noom is the better choice.

Noom Weight Loss Reviews – What Does a Subscription to the Noom App Cost?

If you want to give the Noom app a try, you can download it from the Google Play or Apple App Stores. Noom lets you install the app and get a free seven day trial of the platform.

After seven days, you have the option of signing up for a monthly subscription at $59 or an annual subscription at $199. That price works out to less than $0.55 a day, or $16.59 Noom cost per month.

Taking the annual package makes sense. You're going to need a few months to get used to the changes the app requires in your diet and lifestyle.

By committing to a year, there's more chance you'll stick with the program when you think about what you spent on the app.

Noom Weight Loss Reviews – The Verdict

Noom is a high-quality fitness app and possibly one of the best in the industry. It targets beginners and intermediate dietary practitioners, giving them everything they need to know about managing their nutritional needs.

Noom might seem expensive if you're signing up for the monthly subscription. At $59 per month, there are plenty of other apps out there offering a more affordable monthly subscription.

However, Noom takes this pricing strategy on purpose. By making the monthly fee more expensive, it forces you to consider an annual package. The yearly subscription to Noom costs $199, payable once-off when you sign up.

By signing up for the year, Noom knows there's more incentive in it for you to stick with the app's recommendations for a few months.

Noom believes that it can revolutionize your diet and your physique in 3 to 4-months. According to user reviews, the average weight loss is around 9-lbs in 16-weeks.

We like the Noom approach to dieting – it teaches you sustainable eating habits while eating the foods you enjoy. The handy scanning tool makes it easy to include off-plan foods in your diet.

Overall, we give this app a 9/10 to help your dream body and lifestyle.


Does Noom give me workouts?

Noom doesn't offer you custom workouts. You can upload your exercise data to the platform to help the AI manage your energy requirements. However, it won't give you exercise recommendations, and you'll need to use another app for that.

Does Noom integrate with Apple Watch or Fitbit?

Yes, Noom integrates with your Apple Watch or Fitbit device. You can sync data and get Noom to adjust your daily calorie requirements depending on your energy output.

Is Noom a good choice for fitness professionals?

Fitness professionals might not get the same value out of Noom as beginners. As a professional, you already understand the calorie content of your food and what foods work for you. However, you can always recommend Noom to family and friends or use it to help your clients manage their diet.

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