Tonal vs Tempo vs Mirror: Which Smart Home Gym is Best?

Is your gym membership up for renewal? Why bother paying for another year when you can set up a gym in your home yourself? How many times have you missed your Pilates or yoga class? Trying to fit your workouts into your schedule isn't possible all the time, and life or work gets in the way of you keeping your fitness commitments.

Maybe you're tired of going to the gym only to find all the benches are full or someone's using the dumbbells you need for your next exercise. Instead of asking them how many sets they have left, get yourself a home gym setup and enjoy on-demand fitness instead.

This review of Tonal vs Tempo vs Mirror looks at three of the best home-based fitness systems available.

It's a close call, but Tempo is the winner...

tempo fitness

We recommend Tempo given its balance between real weights and AI


  • Real-time checking of your form.
  • Tempo leaderboards for a competitive feel.
  • Personalized lifting statistics
  • As much weight as you want to add to the system via upgrades.
  • Premium equipment.
  • Storage system included.


  • You get 115-lbs of plates included with the standard system, and you'll pay more to upgrade.
  • The heavy system might damage floors or cause noise that irritates neighbors.
  • No customized music options.

Our Recommendation:

Each of the three exercise systems brings something different to the table for fitness enthusiasts. You'll need to decide on the right system for you based on your fitness requirements.

The Tonal is the best choice for people that enjoy Pilates or working out on cable machines at the gym. The Tempo system is the best option for people that like working out with free weights, and the Mirror is the best choice for bodyweight workouts.

Tonal vs Tempo vs Mirror: What Is the Difference?

These three at-home training systems bring you on-demand fitness that you can enjoy at any time of the day, on your schedule, not the gyms. Each of the three systems is different, suiting different training styles.

Tonal is more for Pilates enthusiasts while Mirror is a better choice for bodyweight and yoga workouts, and Tempo is the best choice for people that enjoy working out with weights.

Mirror Pros and Cons


  • Sleek design.
  • The most affordable option of the three.
  • It syncs to your Apple Watch.
  • Huge variety of on-demand workouts.
  • Extensive music selection.


  • Not suitable for people that enjoy free weight or Pilates workouts.
  • No AI tech for performance tracking.
  • No touch-screen capability.

Tonal Pros and Cons


  • Spotter mode for heavy workouts
  • Live classes and virtual group workouts
  • Real-time form correction.


  • The most expensive option of the three systems.
  • 100-lbs resistance might be too little for advanced fitness enthusiasts.
  • You have to install the tonal into a studded wall.

Let's unpack each system to help you decide which one is the right choice for you.

Tonal vs Tempo vs Mirror: How Do They Work?


Tonal is the ideal choice for people that enjoy Pilates and lightweight workouts using machines at the gym. You get an instructional screen allowing you to choose your workouts from its library on-demand, with live classes available to subscribers.

The Tonal system features two adjustable training arms that act as barbells or cables, giving you 170+ movements. The digital weight management system delivers up to 100-lbs of resistance on each arm for a tough workout.

The system uses cameras and 17 sensors on the screen to monitor your form, with the system's AI correcting your posture during exercises, just like a real personal trainer.


The tempos 42" screen gives you access to on-demand workouts. This system is the ideal model for people that like lifting free weights. You get a weight cabinet housing your barbells and all equipment included with your purchase, as well as options for three different setups with more weight.

The Tempo screen comes with a camera and AI that monitors your form in real-time, correcting your posture in each movement. You get two dumbbells, a barbell, plates, collars, a heart rate monitor, a workout mat, and a foam roller included with your purchase, and white glove delivery included setup in your home.


The Mirror is the best choice for fitness enth8usiasts that enjoy bodyweight workouts like yoga, Pilates, or calisthenics. You get live classes, with the instructor viewed on a large screen. There are tens of thousands of on-demand classes, and you also have options for live classes.

The instructor monitors you in real-time during live classes, and you also get tips for improving your form. While there are no weights with this system, Mirror includes a set of resistance bands with your purchase.

Tonal vs Tempo vs Mirror: What Do They Cost?


  • The Tonal system costs $2,995, with a $250 delivery and setup fee.
  • Membership to the Tonal exercise programs costs $49 per month.


  • The Tempo system costs $2,495, with a $250 delivery and setup fee.
  • Membership to the Tempo exercise programs costs $39 per month.


  • The Mirror costs $1,895 with a $250 delivery and setup fee.
  • Membership to the Mirror exercise programs costs $39 per month.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the better at-home training system – Tonal, Mirror, or Tempo?

It's challenging to decide on the best option of the three since each of them offers unique training principles. If you're looking for weight workouts, go with Tempo. Choose Tonal; for Pilates or cable machine workouts and the Mirror for bodyweight workouts. The Mirror is the most affordable option, but you don't get any resistance training.

Do I need to set up Tonal, Mirror, or Tempo myself?

You get a white glove delivery and installation service where you can have experts set it up for you. The Tempo system is heavy, and the delivery team will move it into your apartment. The Tonal system requires professional mounting to a wall, while the Mirror is lightweight, offering a portable setup with no need for professional fitment.

Can I get Tonal, Mirror, or Tempo on credit?

Yes, all three companies offer you a financing option for your workout system. Tempo starts at $69 per month, Tonal is $149 per month, and Mirror is $42 per month. Check out the sites to see if they are running any discount promotions before you buy. All three systems also offer you the chance to upgrade your package.

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